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A year ago I left Spinalonga and Crete. Now I am living in Europe and in the Netherlands.

Many old costumers they ask me why I left Crete? To e explain this is necessary to go back 30 years. I come to Crete and I come in contact whit a company organizing tours to the leper island Spinalonga. Because my knowledge of foreign languages I was appointed as a guide for visitors.

I guide and tell a story that I heard from my employer. But I knew that this story was not the true because I knew from the Old Testament how lepers were drive out the community and lived in total isolation. I wanted to know more about leprosy and I make a research, to know the true about their lives. In statements of many witnesses from villages around Spinalonga who said that the lives of these poor souls was a live with pain suffering and tears. I found also the last governor of Spinalonga who declared over the miserable live of the lepers on the island, and he also declared that the lives of the lepers changed in 1950 after that the medicine again leprosy was founded. According this evidences I build a story that I was telling to the visitors To be sure that my story was the true I filmed the interview with de former governor that appear on TV in Holland ,England , France Belgium and Australia. According these evidences I start to guide visitors and tell them the true story of Spinalonga with the aim to understand how we treat this people because of the diseases, and to try to teach them to avoid this mistake in the present and the future. Twenty five years I told this story daily to 200 satisfied visitors and I was also, satisfied!!!

Few years ago book about a leper family that lived on an island appear in the market. According the author the book was a novel and was not a true story but a fiction.

Unfortunately s stakeholders for some reason that I do not know and do not want to know have assumed that this story was the only true story of Spinalonga.

According this novel the lepers on the island lived very good they had hospital on the island ,doctors nurses , helpers for old lepers, bakery, shops market street with shop’s ,coffee house and not to forget a school with very important teacher. FOR THE STAKEWHOLDERS this island was Spinalonga, and decided to film this novel on Spinalonga and so they start to restore Spinalonga according the book. They try also to change all the story of Spinalonga according the novel.

One day my boos come to me and ask that I must change my way of guiding and to change my story during my guiding I refuse and I resigned.

I found a new work but also many enemies who told that my books were a source of lies , my story to the visitors was also lies and that I was a big liar. I DID NOT RESPOND. I knew who I was and I had all the proof that my story was the truth. This story was based not only of the local evidences but also comparisons with other leper colonies around the world.

During my 25 years of work in making a research over leper colonies witch still today lepers live , Like Kalaupapa in Hawaii ,around the north river in Crete I was also Suriname, in Brazil , Thailand, Indonesia and not to forget India . During my vacations I visited this colonies I saw I spook wits this lepers I compare this story’s with my story over Spinalonga and it was identical. I decide to live Crete and to go to Europe when I heard that my enemies start to talk about the former governor that spends everything to help the lepers to recover after 1950. After his death this enemies start to say that also the governor was a liar.

IN the first months on the Nederland and I Europe I discover something that I use to say Spinalonga is not the past but also the present that we cannot see or hear because we become deaf and blinds thru the prosperity.

My experience on Spinalonga and my research around the world over leprosy opened my eyes and I began to analyze the current society. I was surprised to discover millions of lepers and thousands Spinalonga’s in our streets, neighborhoods, villages, towns and sometimes under the roof of our homes. . Many readers will respond and say we have no lepers in Europe and sure no Spinalonga’s. My answer is: we do have lepers and Spinalonga’s not literally but figuratively and I call modern lepers and modern Spinalonga’s who are these lepers? ELDERLY, HANDICAPPED, ILL AIDS AND CANCER PATIENTS ,PEOPLE OF OTHER FAITHS OR DIFFERENT SKIN COLOR OR PEOPLE THAT WE D’ONT ACCEPTOR HELP AND WHEN WE SAY FAR FROM ME WE BANISH THIS PEOPLE TO MODERN SPINALONGAS.

After the above-mentioned report the reader will expect that my advice will be avoid Spinalonga WRONG!!!!

My advice is and will be IF YOU VISIT CRETE YOU MUST VISIT SPINALONGA, with or Without a Guide. Not I or anyone else can tell you the true story, the truth is what you see and what you feel. When you come to Spinalonga look around and think, what was Leprosy how was the physical and mental problems of this people, than you start to understand the real life on the island After this visit you are ready to return home look around and you will be able to discover the modern lepers and Spinalonga’s.

If you decide to accept and to help this humans than is the beginning of creating a new world for our kids and the kids of our kids that never will be scared to become a modern leper and be banished to modern Spinalonga’s

You see Spinalonga is a HUMANITARIAN SCHOOL.

You want to know more visit books and guestbook in my site.