This is the website of Victor Zorbas, author of the book ‘Spinalonga, the isle of the damned‘.

On this website you will find information on Spinalonga island, located at the north eastern side off the island of Crete in Greece. Victor has devoted a large part of his life studying the history of this island. His research uncovered a story within a story that occurred many years ago. The inhabitants of Spinalonga paid a heavy price medically, emotionally and financially. During his work as a tour leader at this island, Victor faced passive and active resistance of people who were less than truthful when asked about Spinalonga, its history and the reason for its existence.

He personally escorted over hundreds of thousands of visitors in more than 25 years to Spinalonga, telling the story that needed to be told. This story can only be told by the man who lived it through interviews, personal anecdotes and historical photos of people who lived on Spinalonga until the end.

To our grief we must inform you that Victor Zorbas died on April 18, 2017. The family of Victor intends to further spread his message. Can you help them by spreading this special message from Victor Zorbas to others?

History of Spinalonga

Spinalonga is a dry rock of 850 metres perimeter and situated between the Golf of Mirabello and Elounda on the island of Crete in Greece.

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Victor Zorbas as a tour guide on Spinalonga

From the eighties in the last century up untill 2013, Victor Zorbas was a popular tour guide, who guided over hundreds of thousands of tourists around the island of Spinalonga. Because of the fact that he told the true story behind this leper colony and draw a comparison with a lot of other humanitarian dramas that occured all over the world (and unfortunately still occur), people hang on his every word.

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“I was born on Rhodes, an island in Greece, to Jewish parents. My father came from Thessalonica in Greece and my mother from Smyrna in Turkey. I was very young when I moved with my family to Turkey due to the atrocities against the Jews during the Second World War. Greece was occupied by the Germans and Turkey was neutral.

Still a boy I learned to live as a member of a minority in a hostile environment.”

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Books and DVD’s

Fortunately the life’s work of Victor Zorbas has not gone lost.
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