Victor Zorbas as a tourguide

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Victor Zorbas as a tour guide on Spinalonga

From the eighties in the last century up untill 2013, Victor Zorbas was a popular tour guide, who guided over hundreds of thousands of tourists around the island of Spinalonga. Because of the fact that he told the true story behind this leper colony and draw a comparison with a lot of other humanitarian dramas that occured all over the world (and unfortunately still occur), people hang on his every word. Because of the many languages he spoke, he could spread his message to many groups of people from all over the globe: the fact that multiple Spinalonga’s exist everywhere and we are all responsible for taking care of others, that are in need of help and support.

Victor Zorbas on Spinalonga
Victors own words

This truth that Victor told, also was the reason that Victor got exiled from the island himself. By the authorities, who have done restaurations of the ruins and who did not want to show the true situations the lepers lived in, in the eyes of Victor. He wrote these words himself about this in 2015 (click the image on the right to read his own words).

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